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Snappy reporter: “Ok, so what is LockOnMe?”

Overjoyed developer: “LockOnMe is one of the coolest apps around!”

Hm, sure.. But what does it do?

Well, it's a real-time location-sharing app. It displays the positions of your targets & associated Points Of Interest, either relative to you (like a radar) or on a map (like a map..hihi).

Targets? hin What's going on?

Hehe, yes, targets. I didn't say "friends" nor "contacts" to highlight that you just need a Target ID and a Tracking Code to track someone, or something. It's more flexible that way: you don't need to be part of any circle, you don't need to become mutual "friends" with that person, the Tracking Code can be used temporarily, etc.
Actually you don't even have to know the people tracking you: you can just give out your target ID and Tracking Code, and many people can then track your position, which you can broadcast - and stop broadcasting - at will.

Is it safe then?

It's safer, since your name and other personal details won't be associated with your position and stored on a server. It's up to you to choose your Target ID and Tracking Code, and who you're gonna share them with. To manage this, you can have as many Tracking Codes per Target ID as you want, and in fact you can even have as many Target IDs as you want, and you don't have to register them or anything.
Also, you can choose to only mark one or several Point Of Interests on a map Point Of Interest without having to give out your own position, or you can track a target without having to show your own position... it's quite flexible.
There's a sort of non-reciprocal, anonymous in-built tracking capability that we're proud to have set up here, with also the...

Ok, alright. . maybe. But what's the point of all this? hin

Ok, the graphics are kind of fun, to begin with. Imagine you're meeting with a group of friends, and you see them approaching on a sort of "Motion Tracker" display, like in Aliens.

Hm, very useful....................................NOT! Borat     The question is, does it have any practical use?

This app can be useful to set up meeting points on a map, or waypoints, for example if your contact doesn't know the location, or if you both want to see your precise positions to get to each other faster.
It can also help if you're part of a group and you don't want to get lost in a crowded place - or in an empty place. .

Hold on a sec; I could just call the guy, no?

Of course, but sometimes it's hard to explain where you are, and a clear position on a map is worth a thousand words.
And if you want to get back to your car, you can't quite call it, can you? With LockOnMe you could mark its location on a map, as a Point Of Interest.
There's also the fact that when you're abroad, the roaming cost can be expensive, so you want to avoid calling too much; with this app you could just send your position by SMS (so no mobile internet data involved), and your contact would then use his or her app to pinpoint your exact location on a map.

Well I don't travel so often, but, yeah.. Anyway, can I have a look?

Sure, here are some screenshots:


Looks OK I suppose. Can I see it in action though?

We're in the process of making a little video showcasing the app, it will be available soon. It will be a demonstration video, no marketing I promise.

Well, a demonstration video is marketing.

Er.. hin

That's OK. Show us the video when you're ready.

If you want to see it in action though, you can just download the app, it's free. Check it out on the Play store! (hin)

Free? It means there's gonna be ads all over the place, am I right?

Nope, not 1 ad.

Many ads then? hin

Not a single ad.

Ah, that's good news. But then how do you make money out of it?

Well we, er, don't. We reckon we'd rely on people's generosity, donations.

Good luck with that.. Ok, I might try the app. Bye now.

Bye, have fun. Don't break it! tongue out