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How to use LockOnMe

LOM enables you to transmit your latest position as well as Points Of Interest (POIs) which others can track in real time (or any time later), to display other people's position and/or POIs, or to locate your own POIs (finding back your parked car, etc.).

Those to whom you communicate your chosen Target ID & Tracking Code will be able to access your latest broadcast position and POIs (be it live - updated at a chosen interval - or not).

  2. Your device has to be able to determine your precise position (using GPS or WiFi), which is paramount to make relative positioning work.

    Getting a precise position from your device can be constraining: cell-tower / GSM localisation is not accurate enough, so you will have to lock on a GPS signal (for outdoor use) and/or connect to a WiFi network (especially when indoors).

    You can see the status of the Own Position Service (O.P.S.) from the dashboard: it should be ACTIVE:

    O.P.S. on

    A countdown is displayed while the device tries to get an accurate position, at the end of which the Info button will be enabled, providing more detailed O.P.S. status information - with guidance on how to resolve a faulty service.

  4. Press on the Transmission button from the dashboard to access the following screen:

    broadcast position

    There are 2 ways to transmit your position:

  6. Accessible by pressing on the Tracking button from the dashboard, this screen will enable you to add the targets whose position and POIs you want to display on a map or radar.

    Target Management System

    If you are broadcasting your position, this screen will also display any Point Of Interest which is currently associated with your Target ID & Tracking Code (as shown above).

    There are 3 different ways to add a target; press on Add Target to open the following menu:

    Adding New Target selection menu

    You can also save and load target lists (lists of Target ID and Tracking Code pairs) by pressing on the relevant buttons.

    Tip: this screen lets you choose which target(s) and Point(s) Of Interest to display on the map/radars (all displayed by default).

*   *   *


Press on the Display button from the dashboard to open a map or radar showing the position of your targets, their associated Points Of Interest and/or your own POIs.

Google Maps:

Google Maps

There is a button to create a new Point Of Interest and assign it to a Target ID & Tracking Code pair (the ones used for broadcasting your position or "Connect Only", or, if unknown, new ones which you will have to enter). The people tracking you will also see your POIs.
Equally, there is a button to remove a selected POI.

Press on the blue icon in the top-left corner to search for a specific location (via Google Places).

The 2 buttons in the top right-hand corner are respectively used to select the layer and to bring the user's location into focus.

Marine Radar:

Marine Radar

The range is automatically determined according to your distance to the farthest target; you can override the range by pressing on the corresponding text fields (you will be prompted to select the required range among a pre-defined list).
On-screen, the range is represented by the radius of the largest circle.

Motion Tracker (inspired by the movie Aliens...):

Motion Tracker

Likewise, you can override the default range (which is this time determined by your distance to the closest target), by pressing on the corresponding text fields on the right.

Tip: you may not want to display certain targets or Points Of Interest on this screen: go to the Tracking screen and untick "visible on maps" for each unnecessary element (target or POI).

+ Web interface:

web interface

There is a web interface that non-app users can access in order to display targets on maps: lockonmeapp.com/map. So people don't have to use the app to pinpoint your (real-time or last broadcast) location.

From that web interface, it is also possible to connect to a target and edit its Points Of Interest (the password will be needed in addition to the tracking details pair ID/TC).

Several map layers are available.